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Former Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp explains his hilarious performance at SandFest with DJ Luck: ‘I was only getting warmed up!’


Harry Redknapp was loving it, loving it, loving it when he got on stage to bang out a garage anthem with DJ Luck at SandFest. Loving it like that.

The former Tottenham boss delighted a huge crowd at the festival in Dorset by singing along to the smash hit ‘A Little Bit of Luck’.

Harry Redknapp’s first festival first certainly a memorable one

Amid the sporting chaos on the weekend, Redknapp launched the briefest of music careers, but its premature end left him hungry for more.

“We had a SandFest down where I live and they asked me to come along and do a little bit of rapping with DJ Luck,” Redknapp told talkSPORT.

“I was giving it the full Harry ‘Azza, or ‘Azza Harry, I don’t know what I was!

“They gave me a few words and I was off, buzzing. I was only getting warmed up and they dragged me off the stage after about five minutes.

“You’ve got to laugh.”

It was actually Redknapp’s first ever festival and DJ Luck explains how ‘Arry was keen to knock rapping off his bucket list.

The MC, whose real name is Joel Samuels, told LADbible: “The whole thing came about because we were doing a set and Harry was filming for a new series for ITV. Basically, it’s about things that he hasn’t done before – like a bucket list – and this is his first festival.

“So, he came to us and his team said, ‘do you mind if he comes out and does something?’ We were speaking to him and I asked him what he’d be comfortable doing and, because he’s quite cool, he said, ‘well, I’ll do anything mate’.

Harry Redknapp was crowned the 2018 King of the Jungle

“His granddaughter played him the tune just an hour before – he’d never heard the tune before.

“Basically, he just came out and got involved and everyone went nuts. He just got involved, it was crazy.”

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