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Love Island: James Milner gives brilliant reaction to being name dropped on reality show


He’s won the Premier League, Champions League, he’s played for England, but being mentioned on Love Island must top it all for James Milner.

With Liverpool on the last leg of their three-stop pre-season tour of the United States, Milner and captain Jordan Henderson decided to catch up on the hit ITV reality show during some down time.

James Milner’s career is complete now he has been mentioned on Love Island

The team-mates relaxed on the treatment table to find out the latest from inside the villa.

Henderson just so happened to be filming at the same time the popular parody Twitter account ‘Boring Milner’ was mentioned by Islander Jordan in a conversation with Anna and the look on his face is captured in timely fashion, as Henderson bursts into laughter.

The Twitter account is a light-hearted take on the seemingly dull and sensible life Milner supposedly leads due to his steady and reliable nature in a career that has taken him from Leeds to Newcastle, Aston Villa, Manchester City and now Liverpool.

Milner in action against Sevilla during the Reds’ pre-season tour

The 33-year-old, who won the Champions League with Liverpool last season, has one year left on his current deal and the midfielder is yet to agree an extension, leaving his future in doubt.

Milner remains in fantastic physical condition and beat several younger players during a pre-season fitness test.

“All I can do is concentrate on my football and do what I can,” he said.
“But in terms of where I am with my contract, that’s what has happened up until now and I haven’t heard anything from the club.”

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