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Newcastle news: Simon Jordan explains why Mike Ashley is struggling to sell the club


Simon Jordan believes nobody will buy Newcastle if Mike Ashley continues to demand up to £350million.

That’s the price Jordan claims Ashley is asking for, which would make Newcastle the second-most expensive Premier League club of all time, behind Manchester United.

The Sports Direct tycoon has been trying to sell Newcastle since 2017, with fans growing increasingly frustrated by his handling of the club.

Newcastle fans have protested against Mike Ashley’s ownership for many years

Previous bids from Amanda Staveley and Peter Kenyon proved fruitless, while a reported takeover from Dubai billionaire Sheikh Khaled two months ago never came to fruition.

Tempers are beginning to reach boiling point, with more than 12,000 season tickets still unsold at St James’ Park next season, and former Crystal Palace chairman Jordan explains the situation from an owner’s perspective.

“He wants a certain figure and he’s not able to get it,” he told talkSPORT.

“I think that figure is just short of £350million, which is what he thinks the club owes him and what it probably does owe him.

“How many football clubs have you seen being bought in this country for £350milllion? There is the problem.

“We get to hear how much Manchester United is worth, how much Arsenal are worth, how much Liverpool are worth – but nobody’s buying them.

None of Mike Ashley’s attempts to sell Newcastle have come to fruition

“Without defending Mike Ashley, I think he’d run out the door if he got a sensible offer.

“From what I gather, there’s a lot of noise coming out from people about what they will or won’t do, but no one’s coming up with the money.

“I’m not defending Mike, I think he should try harder to come up with a solution to get out of that football club – because it does the football club no good and it does him no good.”

Where would Newcastle rank among most expensive Premier League clubs?

Manchester United – £790m (2005)

Newcastle – £350m?

Liverpool – £280m (2010)

Manchester City – £210m (2008)

Chelsea – £140million (2003)

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